If you still believe that Toronto real estate offers the best returns in Ontario, perhaps you should look at the actual facts.

For several months now I have been informing my clients and real estate investors that Toronto real estate as an investment was well past its prime. With overpriced, negative cash flow properties now the norm, Toronto has become a speculators, rather than an investors, market.

To make things worse, Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) just released data that clearly shows appreciation in home prices in almost every single municipality within 100 km of Toronto have significantly beat 416 area prices year over year!

Surprised? I’m not. In fact the very same cities and areas I have been targeting for my clients, and the very same ones I invest in myself, have experienced some of the highest real estate value appreciation in all of Ontario over the past year.

Make no mistake, this was no fluke or dumb luck. These were conscious investment decisions made solely based on real, no BS, facts, trends and logic.

The next time a so called real estate investment expert tells you to buy a Toronto condo, ask them whether they own one themselves?

In the highly unlikely chance that they actually do, then ask them for proof of the returns they say you are supposedly sure to make.

Ask them whether they are buying a unit in the very same building they are touting to you as a “must buy” opportunity?

Their answers may surprise you.

Seriously, if the investments they are touting are as great as they make them out to be, why would they not invest in them themselves?

Ask yourself: Are you getting your real estate investment advice from speculators or those who are only looking after their own best interest instead of yours?

Or are you getting your advice from actual investors who are putting their very own money where there mouth is? Who have their very own skin in the game in the very same areas and in the very same types of properties they are recommending you buy as true, tried and tested investments?

After all, if your real estate investment adviser or agent fails to practice what they preach, what real reason do you really have to trust what they have to say or to buy any investment they are peddling?

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